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Reviews for Pooja's Dog Training, Burnaby

I contacted Pooja to get help with Blue. From the first lesson, I saw improvement. She also taught us how to approach the crate time and travelling. I would definitely recommend Pooja, always on time, always nice, firm and kind.
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Very professional and expert advice. Pooja helped us with our puppy in such a short period of time! Would definitely recommend her to anyone!
-Mia Matoga
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Just got a puppy & Pooja was extremely helpful with house breaking, leash walking and all the other questions I had.
-Megan Lee
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My dog had severe seperation anxiety and after the first two classes there has been such an improvement.
-Mayuresh Phatak
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Pooja came to my house and within one hour she had trained our dog to sit still and accept that we put drops in his ears to cure his ear infection. In the short time we spent together, I think I learned enough to be able to apply her positive and patient method to many other behaviours that I would like to correct in our dog. I highly recommend Pooja as a dog trainer.
-Meg Gillespie
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Pooja is an innovative dog trainer. She has the most current obedience training techniques for your dog
-Manish Chugh
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Excellent overall. She was extremely patient, and answered all my questions and concerns. Would highly recommend.
-Bharat Srinivasa
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I was so scared about getting my first puppy but Pooja helped me through the whole process and the best part I think was a the puppy orientation session we had when I brought Kaya home
-Quinn Scott
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After two sessions I feel I am more capable with my dog & I already see a difference when walking her on a leash. Great job ! Would definitely recommend ! :)
-Michael Vonapartis
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She did a great job with my labrador. I saw the difference from the very next week when we started training.
-Amirtha Ambalavanan
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She gave behavioural modification training to him and his behaviour has improved drastically since then. No more chewing on stuff! And he has learned some new things too.
-Abhijit Joshi
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My golden retriever is so well behaved now. This dog training school is amazing.
-Surabhi Parashar
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She has a certain way with dogs. It was an absolute pleasure watching her train my dogs.
-Rohan Sonawane
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Advanced Positive Dog Training techniques

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  • Why us?

    Each dog has a different personality just like us humans. We design personalized training programs for your dog using scientifically proven techniques.

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    Our aim is not just to train your dog to listen to you, but also to teach you how to identify different behaviors of your dog. What the behavior means and how to react to it in a manner your dog can understand you.

  • Dog Training

    We believe that positive reinforcement goes a long way in training a dog. Our key to success is Patience, Persistency, Consistence and a lot of fun!