Private DOG TRAINER of Milton

Milton Dog Trainer
Pooja's Dog Training Milton is owned and operated by : Pooja Dixit (Milton,ON)

We provide Private/ In home dog training services in and around Milton. We offer puppy/dog obedience training, dog agility training, guard dog/protection training. We use advanced innovative techniques to train dogs and puppies. At Pooja's Dog Training School, we offer personalized dog training programs tailormade for just your dog. We believe no two dogs are same. Each dog has a different character just like us humans and so they need to be handled in a different manner considering the way they will react to a certain method of dog training.

We use methods which you and your dog are comfortable with. We use only positive training techniques.

Pooja Dixit has always been passionate about dogs. She has worked with a lot of free roaming street dogs in India. Having completed courses in Canine Behaviourism, Dog/Puppy Obedience Training, Search and Tracking and Protection/ Guard work; for her the learning has not stopped ever since. She keeps updating her skillset and knowledge to the newest methods of training puppies/dogs. She is also pet CPR and first aid certified from the 'Pet Health Academy', so you know your dog will be in safe hands. After completing her education from Montreal Dog Trainers Network, she is now also an active member of CDTA(Canadian Dog Trainer's Association). She is the owner of Positive Canines, India headquartered in Pune, India.


Milton Dog Trainer

Pooja at a Victoria Stilwell workshop in Cornwall.
Milton Dog Trainer
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