When Can I Start Training My Puppy/Dog?


‘When can I start training my puppy/dog?’ is the most frequently asked question by the dog owners. The shortest answer to this question is as soon as you bring the puppy/dog home. Your puppy starts learning from you, the moment you bring him home; whether you teach him or not!

If you don’t teach him, he will probably learn something you don’t want him to. For example, if he climbs up on the couch and you don’t do anything about it just because you are too tired to get him off the couch, he learns that it is okay to sit on the couch. The next thing you know he has started jumping on it already!

Every interaction between you and your puppy is a teaching session for him/her. The entire puppyhood is a training experience for him. Just like human babies, they learn what you teach them to do. The most important thing to consider in training your puppy/dog is his/her personality. Each dog has a different personality; he could be super energetic or a couch potato; he could be a crazy retriever or a really laid back dog. Once you know which kind of personality your dog has, it becomes easier to work with him.

The next thing to understand about your dog is what works for him. Some dogs work for food, others work for toys; some work for a belly rub and others for a swim in the pool; some just work to please you. No one knows your dog better than you do! Once you know exactly what works for him, use that to teach him tricks. And the most important thing of all is never forget to have a lot of fun while doing so!

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