Dog Agility Training Milton


Agility training is a very good way to keep your dog mentally sharp and physically fit! For some very high energy dogs, the exercise you provide(in form of walking your dog) is often not enough. The dogs don't get physically tired so easily; so instead of physically tiring them out, we teach them activities which mentally tires them out.

We customize agility programs for each dog depending on the age, breed and energy of your dog. The kind of exercise may vary depending on the different dogs. A session that might completely drain out the energy in a bulldog, will not even be temporarily enough for rottweiler! We help you identify what kind of exercise your dog needs and adjust our programs accordingly.

We also customize the dog agility courses so that you can practice them at your own home. We also provide/modify the equipment for the courses to suit your need. Often it happens that you teach agility courses to your dog and then cannot practise them at home because of limited space or lack of the equipment(because it is too complicated to get the equipment installed). We provide simple equipment you can use to practice at home/in your yard so that you can have plenty of fun exercising your canine companion!


Areas we provide
Private/In home Dog Training in Milton

Private/In Home Dog Training

Our dog training services include but are not limited to the following regions in and around Milton. If your area is not specified in the lists below, call (519-731-6116) to check if we provide private dog training in your region.

Online/Phone Consultation

We also provide phone consultations (and consultations over a video call for more accurate understanding) for resolving dog behavior issues. Call 519-731-6116 to check for more details.