Dog Obedience Training Milton

Milton Dog Obedience Training

The importance of dog obedience courses cannot be stressed on enough. When you bring a puppy or a dog home, he is ready to learn new things. If we don't teach him anything, he will still learn on his own. Just that the learning will be what he wants to, and not what we expect of him. With obedience training, we provide a structure and discipline to your dog's life. These courses are a great way of connecting with your dog. Since your dog does not speak human, and you do not speak dog, it can be very difficult initially to understand each other. Dog obedience training is a great way to bridge that gap!

We use advanced positive techniques for training your dog which you and the dog are comfortable with!

PRICING (taxes included):
Basic Obedience Training : $340 (4 sessions. At your home) or $95 per session (1 hour)*.
Basic Obedience course includes commands like sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash.
*Above prices are for dog training sessions in Milton & Oakville only.

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Areas we provide
Private/In home Dog Training in Milton

Private/In Home Dog Training

Our dog training services include but are not limited to the following regions in and around Milton. If your area is not specified in the lists below, call (519-731-6116) to check if we provide private dog training in your region.

Online/Phone Consultation

We also provide phone consultations (and consultations over a video call for more accurate understanding) for resolving dog behavior issues. Call 519-731-6116 to check for more details.