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Sometimes, unknowingly we encourage a few bad habits in our dog and before we know it these bad habits turn into bigger behavioural problems. There can be different reasons for behavioural issues of dogs. Sometimes such issues can be genetic and sometimes they can be triggered because of a specific incident. We help you figure out the root cause of the problem so that the problem solving becomes more efficient. We also help you identify any other things that could lead to these kinds of issues and help you prevent them before behavioural issues of your dog become even more difficult to handle.

If your dog chews on furniture, refuses to take medication, barks at the door bell, has aggression towards other dogs/people, does not behave on/off leash, barks incessantly, steals food off the kitchen counters/dining tables/your hands, chews on your new shoes, displays signs of Obsessive Compulsive behaviour; Call us now on 519-731-6116 to get your dog evaluated. The longer you ignore the behavioural problems, the more difficult it becomes to modify them. We do not give up on your dog no matter how long it takes. Our aim is to make you and your dog happy so that you can live in harmony with your canine friend.

PRICING(Taxes included):
Behavior Modification : $340 (4 sessions) or $95 per session (1 hour private session at your home.)*

*Above prices are for dog training sessions in Milton & Oakville only.


Areas we provide
Private/In home Dog Training in Milton

Private/In Home Dog Training

Our dog training services include but are not limited to the following regions in and around Milton. If your area is not specified in the lists below, call (519-731-6116) to check if we provide private dog training in your region.

Online/Phone Consultation

We also provide phone consultations (and consultations over a video call for more accurate understanding) for resolving dog behavior issues. Call 519-731-6116 to check for more details.