Our Dog Training Philosophy

At Pooja's Dog Training Milton, we train dogs and puppies using the most advanced positive dog training techniques

We believe that every dog is unique! There is no one way of training all dogs. Each dog responds differently to different methods of training. We respect the individuality of each dog and find different innovative methods for each and every unique situation. Be it giving your dog obedience training or giving agility training or be it teaching your best friend different tricks like crawling, jumping, giving paw(s) or even dancing on command! Different types of dogs have different abilities which they can excel in. We identify those abilities so that you can give a new meaning to the life of your canine friend. We make sure that along with you, your best friend too enjoys the process

PRICING(taxes included):
Basic Obedience Training : $340 (4 sessions) or $95 per session (1 hour)*.

*Above prices are for dog training sessions in Milton & Oakville only.

Our Goals

  • To Make your dog happy

    Our first and foremost goal is to make your dog happy; because we believe, a happy dog means a happy family.

  • To Give Meaning to Your Dog's Life

    Every dog is good at something. We aim to find that something and use it to give a new meaning to the life of your canine friend.

  • To Help you start off right

    When you bring a puppy home, it is very important to start off right with him/her. We help you do exctly that. It can sometimes be very overwelming after bringing a new dog home. Different videos on youtube say different things. Different articles on the internet tend to confuse you as to which method is right for your dog. We are here to find and apply the methods best suited for you and your dog; because there is no one way to train all puppies/dogs.

  • To Help you bond with your dog

    Bonding with your canine companion - Isn't that why we all really get dogs? We make it possible for you not only to have a well behaved dog, but also help you bond with him\her during the entire training process; because training is not just about your dog, or just about you; it is about you both!