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Milton Puppy Training

A puppy starts learning the minute you bring him home. It is very important to start puppy off right. If a baby is raised well, he grows up to become a better human; it is the same with puppies. If a puppy is trained well, he grows up to become a well mannered dog. We not just teach your puppy how to understand you, we also teach you how to identify what the puppy is trying to communicate. Although humans and dogs have stayed together for eons, they don't exactly speak the same language. A specific action may seem one thing for humans and a totally different thing in the dog world.

We are here to bridge that gap for you. We teach you what the different signs of your dog mean. We teach you the basics of canine body language so you can bond better with your puppy. We believe it is very important to give obedience training to your puppy because it is the first step to know and understand him well, and to start off right. Puppies can sometimes be very exhausting because of the unlimited energy that they seem to never run out of. When they are not house trained, it feels like even more work with not enough time. We teach you how to speed up the process of house breaking and how to provide them the much needed mental stimulation.

PUPPY ORIENTATION : When you bring a puppy home for the first time it can be overwhelming for both you and your puppy. So in order to make this process smooth we offer a puppy orientation session. In this session we visit your home and we tell you do's and don'ts about interacting with puppy and getting him settled in your home. We also teach you step by step procedure to potty train your puppy.

PRICING (taxes included): Basic Obedience Training : $340 (4 sessions. At your home.) or $95 per session (1 hour)*
Puppy Orientation : $95 (1 class. At your home.)
Basic Obedience course includes commands like sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash.

*Above prices are for dog training sessions in Milton & Oakville only.


Areas we provide
Private/In home Dog Training in Milton

Private/In Home Dog Training

Our dog training services include but are not limited to the following regions in and around Milton. If your area is not specified in the lists below, call (519-731-6116) to check if we provide private dog training in your region.

Online/Phone Consultation

We also provide phone consultations (and consultations over a video call for more accurate understanding) for resolving dog behavior issues. Call 519-731-6116 to check for more details.